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In exceptional circumstances the triage nurse may decide to dispatch a Mobile Response Unit to your location.
Once your details are sent to the mobile response unit, the driver may contact you in advance to ask for directions to your location and may give you an approximate time of arrival. If you have your current GPS coordinates or postcode this may also assist the driver in finding your location quickly.
If you have a vehicle near your location, it is helpful to turn on the hazard warning lights or leave the outside lights of your house on. Please remember to confine any dangerous animals on the property, such as guard dogs.
Mobile Response Units
Shannondoc maintains a fleet of vehicles for it's mobile operations and medical support services.
Equipped with emergency medical equipment and linked via wireless to a central tracking station, the Mobile Response Units of the Shannondoc fleet have travelled 3.1 million kilometres since the creation of Shannondoc in 2002.
Responding to urgent house calls, the vehicles also operate as support vehicles for our medical specimen collection service and laboratory delivery vehicles.
Operated by drivers with advanced driving skills and possessing a keen knowledge of their local environ, the fleet is the backbone of Shannondoc's mobile operations.