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Call Shannondoc
If you have a medical issue that requires urgent medical attention, call Shannondoc on 1850 212 999.
Your call will be answered by a PCA (Patient Care Administrator) who will ask you details of the patient and a contact number. Following a brief description of your presenting symptoms, the PCA will prioritise your call.
Your call is prioritised as either;
  • 1) Emergency
  • 2) Urgent
  • 3) Routine
and will be responded to accordingly.
Nurse Call Back
A highly trained Triage Nurse will call you back and discuss your condition over the phone.
The Triage Nurse will gather relevant medical information relating to your presenting symptoms. Following an intital assessment, your call may result in the one of the following:
Treatment & Follow Up
After Nurse Advice or GP Treatment, a full report is sent to your family GP for essential follow-on care
All calls are recorded and logged in our secure computer system.
A full report of your condition and treatment is then compiled and sent to your family GP for any required follow-on care of your medical condition.